The Swedish photographer Henrik Isaksson Garnell captures images that combine science and nature. The manipulated images make the 24-year-old part artist, part mad scientist. The Stockholm-based artist is more than just a photographer. He is a talented inventor, sculptor, and art visionary. Instead of taking photographs of ordinary items found in nature, he distorts them and creates entirely new life forms.

Isaksson Garnell brings life to everyday inanimate objects. He sculpts them to build an entirely new life form; the pieces manage to be simultaneously creepy and beautiful. It’s as though you have a front seat to the experiments of a creative scientist and that these objects should be viewed in a lab, rather than as an image. As one views Isaksson Garnell’s work as a whole, you cannot help but notice that there is an “otherworldly” aspect to it. The end result is due to the expertly balanced mix of the psychedelic meeting science fiction. He is staging daydreams and nightmares, he moves between surrealism and concretism to reach his aesthetic: “nature meets technology”.

Isaksson Garnell works like a composer, he searches for irritating mistakes that can bring his art to a new level. Mistakes with a certain tune or noise, repeating it self in such a way that it creates music. His work can evoke a kind of “trippy” feeling, yet the artists’ restraint is what successfully seals each image as a masterpiece. Isaksson Garnell’s sculptures create so much more than a picture
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