A series about the psychotherapeutic process. 
Our anger, guilt, ego and shame baptized in this body of work.
The sifting thru memories and emotions like records. 
Each pice symbolizes and confronts a demon with certain set of skills.
Dealing with the different questions like: 
How can you reach an understanding with your hate?
If I don’t trust my past decisions, will I be able to trust my future ones?
Why am I lying to myself?

Not only a series about what’s sick but also about the start of a healing process.
memories is still being retrieved... 
Keep them eyes peeled.
best regards // Henrik
The Saboteur
We all know him and he has many names.
J.Baccus, Saboteur & Caretaker - Exhibition proposal 
The Liars
Split from one entity to never become whole if they keep lying to each other they will never become hole again. One head is from the heart, the other one is the tongue.
"-Spit out the worm my son"
-Dreamt of this motherfucker all night.
Hardest one to kill without consequences. A lot of i shouldhavedoneit's. I hated him. I still hate him. Therapist says: -don't call him and vent out the rage.
My advise to Bacchus: -run...
Roses & Generations - Exhibition proposal
Bare witness to the prophecy. 
A trail of pills leading to a oracle with a head of my fears that I haven’t met yet waiting to be transferred.
The Liars, Trust & Remedy - Exhibition proposal
-Thank you for being there my roses.

The Fool
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