34-year-old Swedish artist Henrik Isaksson Garnell takes
scientific photographs with the aim of giving life to inanimate
objects. Through this, his work takes on a abstract form as it
places an ordinary subject within a surreal and complex narrative. 
As he tells us, his photography involves the “exploration of
deterioration”, and he has taken to “recording, enhancing or
distorting reality” through his work. A visionary with a keen eye 
for detail, a penchant for rich textures and hues and a particular 
attraction to photographic exposure, Henrik enjoys the element of 
surprise that lies in the act of taking a photo: to him, there is a sort 
of enigmatic energy contained within “that brief moment, when 
you think you have control [but] when the result exceeds your 
expectations.” • AC

I have never liked the positive color-scale. I do like the inverted one. Almost every photographer talks about the magic when they see their first photograph appearing in the darkroom on a pice of paper. My fascination is of the color negative.
Filters of colors change how we perceive the world around us. I think the largest example being the sunset, everything changes for a brief moment. Or perhaps on a smaller scale behind some tinted sunglasses. Try whatever is closest to you.
Walking around with good music in your head, feels the same to me.
People have been staring into the sunset since the beginning of time. We try to make pictures of it. I like to make my landscape images about the feeling of the sunset, hold on to the brief moment when you think all life on earth will end.
The sunset is a bittersweet twilight, a void.
With music the trans-feeling, gives me a chance to stay there.
Music like time is linear,  however with music you can always hit I<< or >>I, time travel in you feelings and memories just like looking at old photographs.
Able to repeated idiocracy, like a fly trying to get thru a glass window and getting a kick out of it.
Right now I'm working with the concept to harness the color of the surroundings, on seemingly white, neutral and/or colorless objects, surfaces ect. 
Or using the vacuum of black & white.
Recording, enhancing / destortnig reality.

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